Blog #7: Spring Break Fun

springbreak3It’s always fascinated me how excited we get over a TV show or movie or celebrity and how that becomes what we live our lives by. Maybe it is because of how those things make us feel and how an actor can portray a character that is so relatable for someone else and they feel like a close friend. For some it’s books, for others it’s movies and shows. I’m taken to other places through movies and through TV shows like others are through reading books. We are influenced by what is around us and for some that is learning quotes from a character we like and feel like we relate to, or having infinite knowledge of whatever we are passionate about. For me, it’s about fully immersing myself in whatever it is that I am into at the moment. Throughout the years it’s been Back to the Future (still into that by the way), Friends (also still into that) and Glee, which will always have a special place in my heart. Well, my point with all of this is to show that we all have things that keep us sane, help us get through life, teach us lessons and those can be different for each person, but for many it’s TV and movies.

Over spring break, I went to one of those events for nerds and that is the Fan Expo in Dallas, TX. It’s pretty much like comic-con, but a little smaller. I got to meet and interact with people that were the ultimate nerds and fans of sci-fi, superheroes, and comics. I thought I was a nerd and I mean, I am, but I wasn’t dressed up in cosplay or asking questions in the celebrity panels, I was taking it all in and remembering because it’s an experience that doesn’t happen all the time. I enjoy it, but going to things like that make me realize that while I am a nerd and super into a lot of things that are usually at those events, I am not into them in the capacity that many others are. I would geek out if it was Back to the Future or Star Trek, but other stuff, I just enjoy it and have fun. I actually got to have fun on my spring break for once and it’s interesting how the fun stuff always goes by the fastest. The best moments are always the most fleeting and I thought this week was going to go by slowly, but it actually whizzed by. I can’t believe it’s already almost the middle of April. Anyway, I guess where i’m going with all of this is that I wanted to explain my last week and say that things have been a little less stressful this week and I’m figuring out how to get by without stressing out as much and that I had a fun time at a Fan Expo and got to be a nerd and feel included in my love for TV shows and movies. What did everyone else do over their spring break?


4 thoughts on “Blog #7: Spring Break Fun”

  1. It’s always great to get away from school even if it is just a week. That week off can make a huge difference in the last few months of the semester, so I’m glad to see that you enjoyed your spring break and that it has helped you be a little less stressed out. Everyone needs a break once in a while to decompress and do things we enjoy. I totally get where you are coming from with geeking out over certain TV shows, movies, or celebrities. For me that would be Beyonce and probably the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I don’t care what anyone says they are amazing!! But back to the point of the post…Spring break is amazing and I’m so glad we got to have a break because it came at a perfect time. Although it did go by fast, it was still much needed.


  2. Wow! That’s so cool that you got to travel over spring break and do something that interests you. I don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to my passions and interests these days because I am a single mom, but reading your post reminds me that I should take some time away from my busy schedule to appreciate life. Mostly, I was just excited to be able to sleep in a little later over the break. However, I have a lot of things on my bucket list: going to Yosemite and taking a camping trip with my son are on the list! Hopefully I can find time soon to do some fun things because I am a big believer in balancing work and play.


  3. I find that fascinating as well, a bit crazy when it becomes too much and the person really believes they know them. I don’t like shows that remind me of me though, I watch shows or movies to think of other stuff and not remind me of how bad life can be. I’m more of the type that uses books to escape my reality like you said it’s different for people. I get that, I use books and writing to keep me sane, it’s a way I use to escape everything, where I can express myself freely without judgment. Lucky, you got to go somewhere far; I’ve seen those on TV, they actually seem interesting, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It always seems that way, fast things do go by fast but not the boring ones.


  4. Over spring break I worked some extra days and did spring cleaning… To be honest I was actually really tired on our first day back and immediately regretted working so much during our break!

    Although I’ve never been to FanExpo, I do go to a convention every year at the end of spring semester. I save up money all year and go to Fanimecon in San Jose and spend the weekend there. Some years I cosplay but this semester I’ve been to broke and busy to even consider it haha. Conventions are so nice because you get it get out of town for a few days and interact with people who all love the same things as you!


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