Vintage Girl to the Max


How I see myself as a writer? Hmmm, that is a lot like how I see myself as a person; I am still figuring that out, but putting together this collage helped me show who I think I see myself as. I included things I think describe me as a person, but also what I want to bring out as a writer. The CNF essay helped me learn who I am as a writer more than any other writing I have done. I wrote about what I know, media. Media and pop culture are such a big part of my identity that I couldn’t think of anything else that would be as personal to write about. So, in this collage I tried to display things that are important to me or that I love. First of all, I included a quote by Jennifer Lopez and one of the things she says in it s that she is a “work in progress” which I feel like I am all the time. I am learning how to be a better person and a better writer and so that stood out to me tremendously. Then I included my zodiac sign, Aries because I feel like that is a big part of a person’s identity and while I don’t always feel like I represent all the qualities of an Aries, I do have my moments where I know I can be more confident and bold, I just have to work on it. There is a cat on there because I love them and I have one of my own. He makes me feel better when I am stressed. Another set of words “A fresh start” because I feel like I have a renewed outlook with writing. It’s a new start for me to improve and continue to grow in my writing. Then I had to include fashion from the 1950s and the 1980s because they have always been my two favorite decades and I wrote a lot about them in my CNF essay. Classic things are what I love and what I hope to showcase through my writing, but also keep people interested and entertained. When I write or just in general, I love to drink tea and I could not make a collage without including that. It helps me focus better and calms and relaxes me after a long day. We all have things that make our writing unqiue and my love for vintage and classic things is mine. I hope to keep them alive through my knowledge and love for them.


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