What it means to find purpose in all the chaos


Hey everyone!

We are all searching for meaning and purpose in our lives and I thought I would address the recent inspiration I got on this very subject. Finding our purpose. Finding our why.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh no, here’s another person trying to tell me what I should be.” But that’s not what I am doing. Here me out. Finding our purpose is what makes us strive as human beings. It is what makes us successful and in my Senior Seminar class I am taking this semester, we have been focusing on this quite a bit. I mean class just started a few weeks ago, but the first reading we did was about being in our element. Finding that one thing that drives us. That puts a fire in us and that doesn’t feel like a job because we love it so much. It has gotten me thinking about my purpose and what inspires me and ignites that passion in my heart. Obviously, I love education and want to be a teacher,  but it’s more than that. I like that finding our why is part of this because from a young age, we have always been curious and asked “why” mulitple times which usually annoys the person we are asking and so we are taught to stifle that, to just do as we are told and we have lost what makes something special to us.

So much of education right now is focused on finding the why and many students and even teachers may not be used to that, but it allows us to think about it. To understand why we got the answer we did. Life is like that too. We usually think about something before we decide on it, so it only makes sense that it would start becoming a part of education.

In my Senior Seminar class last Friday, we were asked to write about what we think our purpose is and what I said was that when a student hugs me when they come for tutoring or when they leave, it brings me joy and when I get to talk about something that I am passionate about, whether that is a TV show, movie, place…it makes me happy and gets me excited. Especially if I can relate it to what is happening in a lesson or something. Another thing that ignites a spark or passion in me is the issue of civil rights and diversity. When I see them struggling or going through something, it makes me so angry I want to cry and I want equity and inclusion for everyone. I believe strongly in that.

I wish everyone was able to truly be in their element and be doing the work they are passionate about. It doesn’t always work that way and society and people don’t make it easy for us to achieve it, but the people that work hard are the ones who get there or sometimes it’s just natural ability, but we all strive to have and do the thing we are most passionate about. For me, that’s teaching, history, film and tv and helping others. Hopefully I can do something with all of those. What is your why? What are you searching for?

Always remember to keep that dream in your heart because if you are dedicated and have the passion, it will come true.


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